Sustainability and Its Impact on the Four Managerial Functions

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Sustainability and Its Impact on the Four Managerial Functions

Nowadays people all over Australia use their own environmentally friendly shopping bags when they go to the Supermarket. Why have so many people changed their every day habit and stopped using the convenient plastic bags? The transition from plastic bags to recycled ones is only one aspect of a global attitude change towards environmental topics. During the last few decades, businesses have been focusing on lowering their production costs, with no considerations on the consequences for the upcoming years. Today, organizations all over the globe are starting to change the way they operate in order to prevent an environmental crisis.

"Sustainability" is the new approach that has led to a change in many organization's Agendas. In other words, Sustainable development concentrates on existence for the long term without compromising the ability of future generations to fulfill their needs. There is no doubt that every organization is now facing the "Sustainable development" challenge, and has to embrace new management ways that will help saving the world's environment. This kind of change cannot occur in one day, and considers a major reform in the whole organization. Top managers, will have to make some crucial management choices that will affect manager's behavior in every level, and throughout the organization.

Businesses will have undergo a comprehensive process in order to become Sustainable. First, managers will have to embrace the concept of running a profitable organisation (or achieve the goals of a non profitable organizations) with consideration of environmental issues. Regardless of the manufactured product type, companies will have to operate in a way tha...

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