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The company I have chosen to answer the above questions with is The Coca Cola Company. Some key factors that makes The Coca Cola Company “sustainable” are: 1) promotion of active healthy living 2) Human Rights 3) Product & Ingredient Safety 4) Water Stewardship 5) Packaging 6) Recycling and Recovery. The sustainability principles that have been useful for The Coca Cola Company seem to have met in all pillars environmental, ecological, economical, and social. The Coca Cola Company has implemented a program where the goal was to have 100% water replenishment by 2020. To date, they are on track to have this goal accomplished by the end of 2015. An article published online by The Coca Cola Company states, “Based on the Coca-Cola system’s global…show more content…
The next step would be to take a look at their agricultural suppliers. They do not own any farms, but they do outsource some of their “natural ingredients” through local farmers around the world. Since they are a Fortune 500 company with their own team of lobbyists and legal counsel, they have the resources to possibly look a little further into how the farms are irrigated and the ecosystems from which their products are sourced. This would be taking it one step further with the idea of “water replenishment”. Educating the farmers on water conservation, rain water catchments, run-off plans, and water conserving irrigation systems that reduce waste. Another recommendation would be to look at their purification system. Is the purification system in place for making the water that is bottled, sustainable? What else can be done with the minerals and particles that are extracted from the original water source? (We know Dasani water is not “spring water”). Third, this recommendation may be a little far-fetched, but designing a vending machine that runs off of solar power (with an AC/DC back-up) could save quite a bit of energy. Of course these would be for the vending machines that are located outside, or a place to affix a small solar…show more content…
They now have the ability to sell a product whose packaging is not only recyclable, but a positive on the environmental side as well. The more of this product that is out in the market, the better for the company and the environment. If consumers are purchasing Coke products in the PlantBottle, then they are not purchasing other brands which contain a PET-based plastic. Which leads me into 2) Regarding Operations: implies that pursuing both financial benefits and environmental benefits leads to eco-efficiency. Third, the author talks about the “culture” of his example corporation, P&G. The idea of “sustainability is built into the business rather than treated as an additional activity” (Taylor, p. 12). You can see from the marketing, public affairs, and employee comments that the idea of a sustainable, green-minded company is instilled in the culture of

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