Sustainability In Film Analysis

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1.3 Sustainability Aside from the moral imperative, sustainability has a vital influence on all levels of the film performance such as social recognition. Exemplary sustainability performance will lead to recognition from the society such as peers, audiences and investors. It reduces reputational risk of the film and enhance competitiveness. Therefore it is crucial for the film to have an enduring and balanced approach to social progress, environmental responsibility and economic activity. The film project and organization must safeguard social and economic resources and must not take more out of the planet than the planet can renew. Hence the early invention of sustainability in the film production process helps gain greater control of the film success. 1.3.1 Social Progress To maintain a steady-state community we have implemented the following sustainability strategies. In the film, the characters’ behaviour and actions are designed to deliver environmental messages to the audience. For example, characters turn off lights, computers and equipments when not in use. Characters wear T-shirt with green slogans. By greening plotlines and characters, the film is able to educate the general public on environmental issues. When designing the film plotline, any distortion of facts, controversial lines and rude behaviours and actions are avoided. All efforts are spent to provide audiences with positive emotional experiences, avoid any impacts on public perception and correct understanding of environmental and social issues. Detailed rules and actions are set out to protect creativities, the film and to control copyright infringement problems in the society. 1.3.2 Environmental Responsibility By prioritizing four principal areas ... ... middle of paper ... ...props are donated to organizations that can make future use of them. Investigation and analysis are done for each shooting location to make sure filming action would not damage the natural and built environment. 1.3.3 Economic Activity There is a clear relation between sustainability performance and profitability. To ensure the film is sustainably economical we have considered the following strategies. Reduce cost by achieving environmental responsibility. Better use of resources and energy will lead to substantial reduction of the cost of the film. Set constructions are built for future uses whenever possible such as future filming and tour purpose. Environmental criteria are developed for procurement. For example, purchase environmentally preferable good and service from local suppliers. This also generate economic benefits to NZ local farms and businesses.

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