Sustainability In Construction

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Building has an important role in sustainable development, not only because of the participation in the national economy, but it is because built environment has a great influence on the quality of life, comfort, safety, health, etc. Construction, maintenance and update build environment have potential effects on the environment. Buildings consume more unrecoverable resources and create a lot of waste, which cause half of the total amount of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere. The challenge of building is to create economic buildings that increase the quality of life and reduces the social, economic and environmental effects. (Kamar 2010)

Achieving the goal of sustainability in architecture and construction is becoming more emphasized these days. Sustainable architecture has become a serious challenge irrespective of several theories that have been found unpractical. Looking at past routes of vernacular architecture has solved some sustainable issues appearing after the industrial revolution. In result, new solutions should be proposed to benefit from technology in addition to interaction with environment. In this regard, sustainability approach presented and defined in building and architecture sector to improve these challenges.

Sustainability and sustainable development is about ensuring a better quality of life for people today and the generations to come, this requires the meeting of four key objectives (Bani. 2007).

Social progress which recognizes the needs of everyone;
Effective protection of the environment;
Prudent use of natural resources;
Maintenance of high and stable levels of economic growth and employment.

The main idea of sustainability is to concentrate on environmental conditions to achiev...

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...odel of sustainable building summarize in four categories that main and essential aims in each one are presented. Generally, features of sustainable building are connected with four major objectives in social, economic, technical, technological, environmental groups and these four objectives include enhancing the finance and economic savings, reducing the impact on environment and increasing the compatibility with environment, increasing the social efficiency and usefulness, enhancing the quality, and optimizing the building. This model generally indicates and proposes features which building should have in order to achieve sustainability.

There is an urging need for buildings to become more eco friendly and aware about the worlds environment. The case studies show that with a little extra effort, it can be achieve and can have huge impacts on the environment.
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