Sustainability And The Built Environment

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Coursework Template: Sustainability and the Built Environment Student number: 10274469 Task 1 The term sustainability can and does have multiple definitions, if I was to write it in my own words it would be the act of preserving and using the finite natural resources that we have on this planet in such a way that we make the most efficient and beneficial use of it and in the process of doing so we inflict minimal damage to the environment and living organisms around us. But I prefer the following definition: ‘’Sustainable development refers to development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs’’ (World Commission on Environment and Development, (Brundtland Commission), 1987, Our Common Future, Oxford University Press, Oxford, United Kingdom). The UN (United Nations) has set Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for the year 2030; if you were to categorize these goals into 3 categories they would be environmental, social and economic. The reason why protecting the environment is essential in delivering sustainable development goals is because the state of the environment has an effect on human health and well-being, be it direct or indirect and in the long run it has social and economic effects as all the three categories mentioned above are inter-linked. Task 2 The following considerations for each of the headings are taking into account possible social, economic and environmental effects in order to deliver sustainable buildings and structures. INPUTS  Skilled Workforce: A team of professionally qualified and experienced engineers, architects, contractors etc. should be employed to overlook and work on the construction and design of the building... ... middle of paper ... ... which windows are oriented and placed in such a way that maximum sunlight can enter the building or house. This contributes to considerable energy savings since consumption of electrical lighting and cooling will be reduced. This is not only sustainable but also economical; hence smaller and less costly HVAC systems. ( ) Additional benefits are that sunlight is known to improve focus, mood and it also relieves clinical depression. Other benefits include increase in Vitamin D levels resulting in better bone health and exposure to moderate amount of sunlight can have cancer preventive benefits. ( 2

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