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On this occasion to celebrate the 75th anniversary of Journal of Marketing, it is important to recognize its many contributions to the theory and practice of marketing. Marketing is the activity, set of institution, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering and exchanging offerings that have value for consumers, clients, partners, and society. We see the emergence of a whole new marketing environment that will affect the science and practice of marketing in the coming years.
Companies must address the issue of sustainability that whether this generation can leave future generations with the same or a larger basket of resources than we have now. It would be easy for this generation to use up more of our resource endowments and leave future generations with less conscionable. Moreover, we face not one but several environmental challenges. Companies need to make drastic changes in their research-and-development, production, financial, and marketing practices if sustainability is to be achieved. Once we begin to acknowledge resource limitations and externality costs, marketing will have to reinvent its practices to be environmentally responsible.
Nevertheless, Companies that embrace sustainability need to make some changes in their production and marketing practices to reduce environmental impact and footprint and it has to be done via more responsible consumption. This poses a difficult challenge, however, Sustainability-driven companies need to explain how they would pursue sustainability. They need to introduce new and broader criteria to direct their new product development programs, invest more in reuse and recycling, and convince people to accept difficulties of the change. Companies would have to change t...

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...t can take over or challenge Coca-Cola Company is Pepsi. The two companies are selling similar beverage to the markets. Even their strategies, target customer and promotion are almost same. However, there are many successful brand is catching up coke too because consumer always change taste when they are sick of the company beverage.

Besides that, health concern is also one of the biggest threats too. Everyday people are trying to change the habits of eating and drinking and coke is not considered as a “Healthy” beverage. Certain ingredients making in the coke will give out health issues to the consumer. Today modern technology world make every company is trying to improve the technical problem in the company so the gross margin will increase and expense will increase too. If Coca-Cola wants to investigate new machine to produce products need spend a lot of money
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