Sustainability: A Critical Analysis Of Christian Weisser's Sustainability

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Sustainability is becoming a major debate in the united states and in the world as a whole. People are becoming more conscious of their surroundings and want to conserve the environment in order to keep the Earth healthy and to maintain diversity among the environment. In Christian Weisser’s “Sustainability,” he goes on to explain what sustainability truly is. Weisser does a good job in using pathos to persuade a typical college student in the validity of sustainability. Most college students and young people in general don 't think about sustainability too much. It is not a topic that is largely discussed and there is also not much knowledge on how to maintain and increase sustainability. This is because many young people don 't often connect…show more content…
This quote completely stands out to college students because it is being directly addressed to them. Weisser urges students to create their own definition of sustainability and to make their own opinions on it. This is a great use of pathos to establish a connection between college students and the topic by addressing them (students) directly. Finally, Weisser’s greatest use of pathos is in his last paragraph. In this paragraph, he describes sustainability as personal. “By learning more about sustainability, you will learn more about the world you live in and the influence it has on your own personal well-being. Furthermore, each of us has the ability to choose sustainable behaviors to improve our own lives and the lives of those around us”(608). In this quote, Weisser wraps up his entire debate over sustainability by addressing the reader. He explains how

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