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What is sustainability? Why has this topic gained momentum in the past few years ? Does sustainable design methods only reap benefits or does it have a pitfall side to it? These are some of the questions that we are going to be discussing in this essay. Sustainability can be defined as an environmentally conscious design that has a minimal impact on the planet. As a result of external forces in the magnitude of global warming and many other more, as designers we have some social responsibility to cater to such issues. In light of this concern designers have become more conscious of their creative decisions and plan to lead their designs in the “sustainable” (long lasting ) way. The ramification of the damage that we have done to the environment is huge and increasing by the day. The three primary factors that affect the environment are ecological damage, health damage and resource depletion. (Walker, 2013)

One of the most interesting ideas from the course readings was about the eco-design strategy wheel. It is imperative to understand the strategies involved to reduce the ecological impact of a product/system . The eight categories of the wheel are laid out in a system according to the stages of life cycle of a product. This is crucial for designers because it helps designers to innovate new strategies. The other crucial concept is to understand why we throw things away. With the help of statistics , the author clearly describes about how functionality is only a part of the reason why we throw t...

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...conscious of our nature and be socially responsible. The one quote that comes to my mind is “ Think locally and act globally “.The author in the “Small is beautiful” analyses the key issue of how humans are over using the existing resources, this is something I would definitely take into consideration in my designs – optimal utilization of resources. Taking small steps towards the larger context makes it simpler to handle the humungous responsibility. Optimum use of resources, using local resources, renewable resources, being socially and economically conscious before trashing stuff that still are functional. I am confident that incorporating these basic strategies in the base level we can take it up to what we call as a “ sustainable “ ( long lasting) world.

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