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Sustainability is usually laughed at, global warming is not a “reality” right? Yet the fact is something is happening in our world, it’s catastrophic and devastating, and yet many turn away at the thought of becoming a sustainable society. Consumed with the here, the now and the growth of the economy; nations neglect the future needs of their children, grandchildren or even great-great grandchildren. Is it hard to become sustainable, yes but not impossible. It is profitable to become sustainable, yes but not without some loss. Sustainable as described by Merriam-Webster dictionary, able to be used without being completely used up or destroyed [or] involving methods that do not completely use up or destroy natural resources [or] able to last or continue for a long time, this indicates a steady progress even if it is a bit slower than expected. Sustainable societies are not hocus pocus, they are a reality in some places around the world. Sustainability is an intermingling of wise resource use and protection of the “quality of life”, it is met by using natural resources sparingly, by recycling or reducing and eventually stopping the use of other non-renewable resources, to provide for our immediate need, but also to conserve and protect the needs of the next generation and to improve the quality of all the lives to come. Without rethinking and changing the way our nations focus on fuels, than there is no way for sustainability to a plausible plan.
B: Quality of life, stop the focus on the unsustainable economic growth.
1: To protect the quality of life for people we need to first change how countries see growth. To change the idea of growth for a country might be difficult, but certainly it would be more accurate on what everyone t...

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... Air quality, is damaged as more are burned. As well these power plants contaminate water everywhere. If water is contaminated than food is also contaminated. Those basic needs are met by reducing or eliminating fossil fuels. As well jobs will be generated to help with the change of the infrastructure for power. This meets the needs of the bottom two tiers of Maslow’s needs. These are real tangible needs that can be achieved with sustainability as the focus. Instead of focusing on economic growth only, nations should compare that growth with the quality of the people’s lives.
C: Resources are limited. Especially the fossil fuels we use wastefully.
1: We must being to limit the amount of fossil fuels we use and enact plans to conserve and preserve what other renewable resources we have. Without proper resource management we will lose lives, economies, and nations.

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