Suspension Pros And Cons

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Coming from a strict Indian family, getting a disciplinary referral from school was absolutely unacceptable. I always followed the rules and did what was expected for me. I managed to avoid any punishment throughout my educational career, riding on the fear of the consequences. In high school, I spent many of my afternoons walking to different rooms to ask my teachers questions or to go to club meetings. I would frequently pass by the room in the middle of the school with large glass windows: the detention room. Inside, I would always see a room full of kids with a teacher up front. No one was talking. In fact, most of the students had their heads down or were staring at the clock on the wall. I would think to myself, how was this helping anyone?…show more content…
Several students today receive in-school suspension and out-of-school suspensions that remove them from the classroom environment. While some teachers argue that this helps maintain the equilibrium of a learning environment, the academics of those students must also be taken into consideration when discussing the effectiveness of these methods. A study done by the Minnesota Department of Education shows that, “suspension is associated with a host of negative student outcomes, including diminished academic achievement and dropout. Suspension diminishes academic achievement in part because of missed instructional time” (5). When I missed three weeks of school during my sophomore year due to the flu, I struggled to catch up with all my subjects and to raise my grades. I was not under disciplinary actions, but because I was removed from the academic scene, my academic achievements diminished and I struggled to catch up to my peers. If students who are under disciplinary actions are unable to class, then how will they learn? It is all too easy to remove a student causing a disturbance and forget about them, but that student also deserves an education. In that light, the current disciplinary actions in place are not at all beneficial. Rather, students taken out of the academic environment are put at a
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