Suspension Bridge at Location D

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I think a suspension bridge would be the best type of bridge to build from location D. This is because suspension bridges typically can span distances from 2,000 to 7,000 feet long - location D spans a distance of 4,200 feet across an ocean bay where long ships come and go. The other bridges would not be adequate enough to connect Hebron Island with the mainland. For example, an arch bridge cannot be connected numerous times in the ocean without structural support from the ground, and can only span short distances usually less than 800 feet. A beam bridge would not be a suitable option either because they typically can only span distances below 200 feet, and connecting many beam bridges together would not work either, because long ships would have a hard time fitting in between the piers. Lastly, a cable-stayed bridge would not be as sufficient, because distance between the towers will be smaller, making it less convenient for huge ships to navigate in between the towers. So, evidently, the best option for location D is a suspension bridge. Suspension bridges are ideal for covering b...

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