Suspense In The Clutter

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A. Alvin Dewey- Dewey was the main K.B.I investigator on the Clutter’s murder case. The conflict between him and the murderers is the main conflict in the book and what keeps the plot moving forward. He and his team of detectives are the ones who arrest the murderers and bring the book to its climax.

B. Bobby Rupp- Rupp was Nancy's boyfriend at the time and was hit especially hard by the murder. He came over the night that the Clutters were killed and was the last to see them alive. Rupp was also the first person the K.B.I agents interrogated and was the first suspect in the case but was later proven innocent.

C. Clutter Family- In the beginning of the book, the Clutters are shown as an ideal family. They symbolize all the good and pure things in this world, an example of the is that Herb gives Dick and Perry money to help them when the rest of us would probably have called the police. When they get murdered
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Suspense- One of the techniques that Capote to captivate his readers to keep reading. He switches to a different viewpoint as soon as a big event is about to happen, creating suspense. In the process of doing this, he keeps details from the reader and encourages them to foreshadow what might happen next.

T. Terror- He describes the moment where they murdered the family in great detail and makes you feel terrified as if you were there while they were getting killed. He describes how Nancy begs for her life and how Bonnie was staring at her killer when he stabbed her. This leads to vivid imagery of what happened and helps the reader visualize what is happening.

Y. Yellow Bird- Perry envisions a yellow bird in his dreams when he needs saving. He says that whenever he is in mortal danger or needs his enemies killed the birds comes from the sky. For example, when he was a child and he was being abused by nuns, he saw a yellow bird come down and take their eyes out.This bird symbolizes a God like figure to him even though he does not believe in any
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