Susan Brownell Anthony: The National Woman Suffrage Association

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In the (1840-1920) women wanted to feel like they have a voice in politics and have the right to vote. Women lacked many rights such as the right to vote, to serve on juries, or to hold public office, women found it very difficult to do as they wanted in the 1800s, they were excluded from public life and were left in charge of the home and children. Susan Brownell Anthony was the most talked about person when it came to Women’s Suffrage. Anthony was an icon for the movement she traveled the country giving speeches, circulate petitions, and organized local women’s rights organizations. In the mid 1800s Susan worked as a teacher in Canajoharie, New York and was involved with the teacher’s union. National American Women Suffrage Association was …show more content…

During the World War I era when the men went off to Europe to fight for the democracy, millions of women took their place working in the factories, mills, and mines. It seemed very odd to all that we would fight for democracy in other countries. During this era, it became very hard for opponents of women’s suffrage to deny that women are as equal as men. Susan Brownell Anthony was born on a farm near Adams, Massachusetts on February 15, 1820 and past away on March 13, 1906. Susan along with her brothers and sisters received the bulk of her formal education in a home school established by her father. In 1839 Anthony left home to teach and help pay off her father’s debts. Susan taught for ten years in district schools, private academies, and families, concluding her career as head of the female department in the academy at Canajoharie, New York. Anthony organize petition drives for women’s rights, including women’s suffrage, in 1854 she began going door to door in each county of New York state obtaining signatures to present to the legislature. Soon Anthony incorporated women’s rights into three other reform movements; temperance, labor, and education. 1869 Anthony formed the National Women Suffrage Association, this organization would focus on securing a federal woman suffrage amendment. The woman suffrage amendment worked on a key state of campaigns for the vote. Anthony was later arrested in 1873 she was tried in the U.S. District Court in Canandaigua, New

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  • Explains that women wanted to feel like they had a voice in politics and have the right to vote. susan brownell anthony was the most talked about person when it came to women's suffrage.
  • Explains that the struggle for equal rights among men and women was not an easy task. the suffragists realized that gaining the vote would not be so easy.
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