Susan B Anthony Essay

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Many people know Susan B. Anthony as ‘the women that dared to vote.’ Many women go to vote without knowing how important she was on that decision. She is one of the most recognized historical people fighting for Women Suffrage. She was an icon on Women’s Rights history. Women regardless of age, religion, social class, fought for one objective; the achievement to get the right to vote, the right to make their own decisions. She was part of this achievement. Susan B. Anthony was an American women hero.
Susan Brownell Anthony was born on February 15, 1820, in Adams, Massachusetts. Daniel, father of Anthony, was a liberal Quaker abolitionist member, but before becoming a person who believed that slavery should not exist, was a shopkeeper, the owner and manager of small cotton mills, a farmer, and an insurance agent. Lucy Read, Anthony’s mother, was a Baptist. Her father had fought in the American Revolution and served in the Massachusetts legislature. The Quakers did not agree with the marriage of Daniel and Lucy because she was a Baptist. However, these criticisms were in vain after they married, she followed the footsteps of Daniel participating in the Quaker practices. Lucy Read had six children, four girls and two boys, between these four girls Anthony was the oldest. Being a family of Quakers, the Anthony family disagreed with slavery. The Anthony family moved to the city of Rochester, New York in 1845, there they began to engage in the antislavery movement.
Susan's parents taught her that in this world gender equality was important, specially their skin color, nationality, gender or mindset. Susan’s sister and their parents supported the cause of women, the right to vote. While his two brothers were in Kansas to support th...

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...replies from all types and negative reviews. Anthony died in 1906, at age 86 unfortunately she was not alive to see her goal achieved. However, almost fifteen years after her dead women received the right to vote and accomplished what they had fought for over seventy years. Susan B. Anthony was essential to achieve the goal of enfranchisement piece. Women are the ones who have kept up this movement and are those who are constantly aware of their rights and equality.
Victory had not come easily. Susan B. Anthony played a very important role in the world of women; she inspired women to speak, to be part of the decisions of our country and get inspired to obtain gender equality. An electrifying speaker and politician, Susan B. Anthony influenced millions of people during her career. She became the voice of change, the voice that got them the rights that women deserved.
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