Surviving Technology

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Surviving Technology

Computers, Internet, electronics are all apart of technology. Businesses are being buffeted by an increasingly rapid rate of change. There are new products, new regulations new customers and new technology in almost every industry. Part of that new technology is distance learning. More and more of adults are taken advantage of it. It is very convient for that working adult with spouse and kids or the adult going back to school. However some adults are not as savvy with the Internet or computer. Both items are essential in order to become a distance-learning student. Therefore I have created a student survival guide that would be useful for a new online student.

Conducting Successful Library and Internet Searches

The Internet provides access to a wealth of information on countless topics contributed by people throughout the world. A user has access to a wide variety of services and access protocols. These protocols such as http and e-mail allow users to search and retrieve material.

The Internet is not a library in which items can be retrieved by a single catalog. No one knows how many files reside on the internet. The number runs into a few billion and is growing at a rapid pace. When As if you were traveling from place to place in the real world; you have to in a virtual environment. Look for every entrance to a topic and every potential door that may lay hidden behind that room with no apparent end. Therefore, it may seem daunting, but it is nothing more than changing the way you view your particular topic from a different perspective, or angle. It may be as simple as looking for the opposite or slightly off the topic in order to find the major you are looking for. Another good reference for researching the Internet is or A Research Guide for Students by I. Lee, he gives a lot of good information and places to start.

There are many different ways to search for information on the internet. Ultimately looking at a topic from many different points of view, can help you find the information you are looking for. The Internet is a very large set of computers. In a matter of moments, you can gather information that is been posted from around the world. As you view this information, everything you see becomes obsolete because the Internet is growing as fast as our humanity can create new ways to...

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... be. I am determined to obtain my degree so that I will not have to be on my feet for my entire shift. I want more, for me and for my family. The only way to accomplish these goals is to do the best I can and complete school.

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