Surviving Pinterest: A Guide to Avoid Copyright Infringement

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Within the past four years a new social media website has been launched- Pinterest. Pinterest is used typically by women with eighty-seven percent and the other thirteen percent by men. Members on Pinterest are typically called pinners or users, but pinners is the correct term. Pinners on Pinterest may use Pinterest to share exciting and beautiful things that they find on the web along with businesses that attempt to advertise and to increase their sales. With having fun on Pinterest there are often consequences because Pinterest members are committing copyrighted infringement by using and posting photos that are not their own.
“Pinterest is the latest and greatest social media sensation to hit the web. Pinterest is a virtual pinboard, or virtual bulletin board of sorts, that allows you to share the interesting, beautiful, and pinboards you create yourself.” “Pinterest is a social networking site based on sharing images (Boyd and Martinez).” On Pinterest users may “repin,” take things they liked from others board or create their own pins and add a link to the source (such as food recipes, a do-it yourself art and craft, clothing, beauty tips, wedding planning, dream cars, dreams houses etc). Pinterest allows users to share their personal interests and show then to others. Users may follow their friends to see what they post or follow their favorite store or store brand like Coach to see what they are putting into stock.
Pinterest provides value to businesses by advertising and increases their sales because individuals may like something they see and decide to visit the company’s website to see what else they sell. Businesses are able to make pinboards or make a single post regarding an item that customers would buy. Smaller ...

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