'Survive And Advance' By Johnathan Hock: Film Analysis

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958 words

Michael Humphrey
Dr. McDonnell
English 111-14
2 November 2014
Survive and Advance: Did They? In basketball, the National Championship game is the dream of every kid that plays basketball in college. NC State’s basketball team wasn’t well known in 1983. Jim Valvano was the coach and he knew he had a great group of kids. When they won the ACC tournament against the great Ralph Sampson and Virginia, people thought that the win was just luck and they probably wouldn’t make last when they got into the tournament. Throughout the tournament, NC State kept surviving and advancing. In Johnathan Hock’s documentary “Survive and Advance”, Hock uses stock footage of the games that were played during the tournament, different points of view from the players, and the sequence of the documentary to prove that NC State’s basketball team were the underdogs during the whole tournament; however they were able to win despite their adversity …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how johnathan hock's documentary "survive and advance" proves that the nc state basketball team was the underdogs during the tournament, despite their adversity and the talent of the opposing teams.
  • Analyzes how hock uses stock footage to bring the viewers back to the basketball court on that day and make them feel like they are actually there taking part in that terrific event.
  • Analyzes how hock gives us an inside look on what happened in these players' minds then and now. he also gives opposing players’ points of view from the 1983 team of houston and other teams during the documentary about the nc state basketball team.
  • Opines that without proper movement, the documentary wouldn't make sense. hock gave us games leading up to the championship game to let us see what the 1983 team had to go through.
  • Analyzes how hock convinces people to believe that anything is possible in the documentary film. he left the commentary of the original guys that called the game that day.
  • Analyzes how the nc state wolfpack's 1983 basketball team, jimmy valvano, was diagnosed with cancer and died 10 years after winning the national championship.

Without them, it would just be audio and you would have to visualize the matter taking place. With this documentary, Hock uses stock footage to bring the viewers back to the basketball court on that day and make us feel like we are actually there taking part in that terrific event. Throughout the film, Hock puts actual footage of the tournament games. Since Hock lets us see the stock footage of the games leading up to the national championship, we have a first person point of view, instead of a second person point of view. While watching the stock footage of these guys playing for something they wanted so much, it allowed us to see their raw emotion of the moment in time where all their hard work had paid off and they were so happy. He not only let us see this, he lets us get connected with them on an emotional level to where we as the viewers want them to succeed. By doing this, he draws us in and gets our undivided attention and from then on, we are

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