Survival of the Thinnest

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Survival of the Thinnest

It all started with Eve. All she wanted to do was eat an apple and what happens? She gets kicked out of the Garden of Eden. It’s such a shame that the world viewed Eve’s sin as losing grace. To make matters worse, during the Renaissance the word “grace” described “beautiful” women.[i] Along came graceful Barbie the “ideal beautiful” woman. She gave all the little girls (and boys) something to dream about. Fast forward to the present. Images of perfection fill television, magazines, and even advertisements. Images that force average young adults, who make up the majority, to question the way they look. Does this make me look fat? I could spare to loose a few pounds, 50 if I’m lucky? Such thoughts consume the minds of millions. And it’s not just the girls; remember Adam got kicked out too. Plus what little girl didn’t think, Ken’s so dreamy? Ever since the dawn of time, it seems society has punished those who just want to eat. Kudos to society for consequently spawning the emaciation fad. So we need a drastic solution in order to reverse humanity’s negative body image crimes.

Studies show there is alarming trend in extreme thinness due to starvation amongst high school to college students. In schools around America, teens are obsessing over perfecting their physical bodies. Students are dropping their books in the hopes of dropping something else- pounds. To be a part of the “In Crowd” they have to look the part right? In a study done by Denise Sloan, female college student participants from Florida and Pennsylvania completed a series of eating disorder questionnaires. Then the researchers measured and compared the girls’ body masses. The results? Brace yourselves folks, because what we are about to reveal is striking. Girls in warmer climates are at more risk when it comes to developing eating disorders. They also weigh less than girls who live in colder climates. Compare this to animals, where animals who live in colder climate need more body mass to keep warm. Who would have ever thought? The surveys also revealed that Florida girls care more about body image than Pennsylvania girls. So, Sloan concluded that, “The greater distortion of body image may result from the need to wear more revealing clothing.” In other words, body image anxiety increases during warm weather. Of course, since we all have to fit into that bathing suit.

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