Survival handbook for the years of the dead

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Table of Contents
1. The Introduction
2. Prologue
3. How To Kill a Zombie
4. Weapons
5. Transportation
6. Housing
7. Food
8. Hunting
9. Survivors
10. Camoflauge
11. The End

Hello, my name Crayton Carrozza. I am fourteen years old and I live in Austin, Texas.
I go to school at Acton Academy, it is a business school, and it teaches you to develop the skills to become an entrepreneur and an independent learner.

Our current project is writing a best selling book on advice.
I thought what better to write than a book about how to survive a zombie apocalypse.

When you read this book you will learn all the things that are necessary for survival in the apocalypse

Hi, I'm Pace Anderson, I'm twelve years old and live here in Austin, Texas. I Go to school at Acton Academy where we were encouraged to right this book, and since I’m such a zombie fan, I loved writing this book.

It’s been a long process but has been definitely worth it, the fact that you're reading this makes me feel like I've accomplished something. So I hope that this book will help you survive the apocalypse.

Imagine this…

It’s ten years from now, you are at a party, at your friend Bob’s backyard.
Its a perfect day and nothing is going wrong. you see military vehicles start to pass.
You start to hear the propellers of a helicopter and jets flying to the city.
You try to push the thought out of your mind.
You forget about it and the day goes on, when you are leaving bobs house You see a huge explosion. You freak out and jump in your car. As you speed home you turn on the radio you hear the fuzzy voice of the news lady blear out that there is a new plague that makes the dead come alive and is i...

... middle of paper ...

...ou have the knowledge to survive, you won’t turn, you will survive. You have upgraded to a zombie master.

You now know how to kill a zombie, you know where to find weapons, and what weapons to get, how to find transportation, where to take refuge, where to find food and how to hunt for food, how to stay hidden and be invisible from the dead, you know how to deal with survivors, and last but not least, you know how to survive.

You will be a leader of a refugee camp because you have the knowledge to survive, not only the zombie apocalypse, but any other type of tragic moment like getting stranded- You know how to hunt and how to make a camp.

Well, that’s all folks.
Thank you.

This book is based off the show the walking dead.
The illustrations by Ella Reese Youngblood, and Charlie Sandefer.
Author Pace Anderson, and Crayton Carrozza.
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