Survival Of The Sickest Research Paper

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The three claims I will be researching are the claim that sunglasses causes sunburn results, due to the fact that less melanin is produced. The claim that tanning beds cause birth defects during pregnancy. And, the claim that people should get their cholesterol checked in the summer.

Do sunglasses cause sunburn?

Skin color changes in response to sun exposure. The pituitary gland is the trigger that produces hormones that produce melanin. Dr. Maolem says that if you are wearing sunglasses, much less sunlight reaches the optic nerve, which in turn tricks the pituitary gland in thinking that there is less sunlight. Then less melanin is produced, causing more sunburn results.

Melanin is a substance that gives the skin and hair it’s natural color. Dark-skinned people have more melanin in their skin than light skinned people. Freckles are concentrated areas of melanin.

Ultraviolet light has the effect of burning skin. Melanin prevents ultraviolet light. Therefore melanin prevents the effect of burning skin. Melanin is the determinant of skin color. It is found in hair, eye, and ear. The melanin in the skin is produced by cells called melanocytes, found in the epidermis. It is produced in response to light. It actually does not come from any glands, although there is a pineal gland that produces melatonin, though it has no effect on humans.

There is a light responsive cells in the retina. Though they sense changes in light, they can also affect our mood. It would not affect if we were to be sunburned or not.
Ultraviolet light is radiation that is shorter than visible light. It is found in sunlight. Once ultraviolet rays penetrate skin, it starts working on the melanocytes. The rays work as a catalyst for increases productio...

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...ipoprotein) increases by 8%. Whereas during the summer, the HDL (high-density lipoprotein) increases around 9%. This proves that during the winter month, less healthy food is indeed consumed causing bad cholesterol.

The result of this survey could also be because many people do not work out as much in the winter compared to the summer. People need to check their cholesterol level in the summer to see if they had gained high-density or low-density cholesterol.

The product of the statement that sunglasses cause sunburn was true. They do indeed cause sunburn by tricking the eyes. Tanning beds do cause birth defects due to the use of harmful UVB lights that destroys folate that is critical during pregnancy. And cholesterol should indeed be checked during the summer due to the fact that people consume fatter foods and do not exercise as much during the winter months.

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