Survival Knowledge: Learning from the Wildlife

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Coyotes are curious, clever, and stealthlike animals. They quickly learn to take advantage of any newly discovered food source. They tend to be pests and it is not uncommon to hear them howl between dawn and dusk. If you encounter an aggressive coyote, the best way to scare them off is to make loud noises such as banging a pot, yell, wave your hands or objects like sticks, or throw small stones at it. If you are harassed by a pack of coyotes, locate a large tree or rock and stand against it so you can fend them off at the front. A weapon would be your best choice if you exercised all options. Snakes can be invisible and sometimes you could step near one when you least expect it. However, they tend to scurry away from people. They are not looking for trouble and want to be left alone, like most wildlife. I recommend wearing gaiters or high cut leather boots when in areas that are known for snakes. Keep your feet out of thick grassy areas, rock ledges, and places where you pick up wood for a campfire. Instead use a stick to prod over rock ledges before you step onto them to give the snake a chance to slither away. When collecting wood poke in the area with a stick and wear thick leather gloves. Treat all snakes as if they are venomous. Those cheap snakebite kits sold at local retail stores or over the internet are worthless. Save your money and do not buy them. Let us separate fact from fiction when it comes to snake bites. Do not suck out the venom. Do not cut across the fang marks. Do not apply a cold pack. If you are bitten, take yourself to the hospital or get help ASAP because a snakebite could be deadly. If you want to learn about the wildlife in your area visit: ... ... middle of paper ... ...nswer: Knowledge and the will to live. Lets begin with knowledge. I recommend reading and studying the “SAS Survival Handbook by John Lofty Wiseman.” It is one of the best survival books on how to survive anywhere, anyplace, and in any climate condition. Another excellent book is “98.6 Degrees by Cody Lundin.” He is an expert on survival, using primitive methods and the basic skills to survive for 72 hours. I also suggest other good reads such as the Army and Air Force survival manuals which have been around for almost 50 years. These books will arm you with superior knowledge which will help you adapt, overcome and thrive in most survival situations. However be forewarned: Survival knowledge will only get you so far. There is something more powerful and that is the will to live. Here is an example of having the will to live….The Miracle Girl in Peru.

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