Surfing on Snow

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Surfing on Snow

People have always wanted to fly; snowboarding can give that feeling. Imagine getting launched fifteen feet into the air and sixty feet down a ski slope. This is just one of the thrills of snowboarding that has been suppressed for a number of years. Snowboarding had a hard struggle to get where it is today and has helped spark a new era for skiing. If skiers and snowboarders respect the rights of others then there would be no problems and all of the thrill seekers at the resort could have an enjoyable experience. Since the late 1980s, snowboarding has been the overwhelming choice of young people entering the market. According to a NSAA, National Ski Areas Association, commissioned study, nearly two-thirds of young people ages 12 to 24 chose snowboarding over skiing. (Hood)

When snowboarding began to go mainstream it forced skiing to go extreme. Major players (the major ski manufactures) in the ski industry are promoting the generations of hot-dog skiers to put a fresh face on skiing and give the sport a much needed makeover. (Hood) Snowboarding has opened a whole new era for skiing and there is no turning back now. All the skiers and boarders are going extreme. There is an increased danger but with some common courtesy accidents can be avoided and all of the skiers and boarders can get the chance to fly for a while.

Snowboarding is a relatively new sport. It has only become popular in the last ten years. A small group including Jake Burton, Chuck Barfoot, and Tom Sims pioneered snowboarding in the late 1970's. All of whom now head or have lead snowboard companies with Burton being the largest snowboard manufacturer in the world. (Wallace, pg. 8.02) Most snowboarders got chased off the slop...

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...d to be allowed on the sloped so end the friction and have fun going extreme.


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In this essay, the author

  • Explains that snowboarding has opened a whole new era for skiing. major ski manufactures are creating "teams" of free ride, extreme, skiers.
  • Opines that skiers and snowboarders are on the slopes to have fun, not to fight. snowboard discrimination is like blaming a car for driving out of control.
  • Opines that snowboarding has helped spark a new era for skiing, since it has been the overwhelming choice of young people entering the market.
  • Opines that skiers and snowboarders need to respect the rights of others when going to the resorts.
  • Advises skiers and snowboarders to observe all posted signs and warnings, and to load, ride and unload safely before using any lift.
  • Opines that snowboarding mainstreamed the sport in a positive way. snowboarders have fought for the right to board.
  • Explains that andrew, paul, and gordon, michael, "outlaws no longer. these are sweet days for area snowboarders." the denver post.
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