Supporting a Smoking Ban

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I am writing an essay about smoking and whether or not you smoke I would like to share my views with you. As well as my views I will also explain the views of others who support smoking. I chose this subject because it is something that really annoys me. My opinion is against it, especially in public places. My reasons are that it harms the smoker and others. Other people feel that smoking is not a bad thing and support it. My opinion of those people is that they are probably all smokers.

My first argument against smoking is health. The health problems caused by smoking are serious and numerous. There is clear evidence here! Heart attacks, strokes, emphysema, abdominal aortic aneurysm, acute myeloid leukaemia, cataracts, cervical cancer, kidney cancer, pancreatic cancer, periodontitis, pneumonia, stomach cancer ,bronchitis, heart disease. In young people, three out of four deaths are caused by smoking! That?s only those deaths caused by heart disease, but it?s a problem as lots of deaths caused by heart disease are due to heredity from parents, lack of exercise, diet, diabetes, high blood pressure, stress and anger and obesity. There are so many causes for heart attacks and death and four out of five are caused by smoking. This is the main argument against smoking, the health of the smoker.

Secondly, the person who is smoking is creating smoke. This is not only damaging the environment, it is annoying others. The smell is bad but the smoke can go into people?s lungs and cause cancer which could then kill them. This is known as passive smoking. Heart and lung disease can be caused by smoking so passive smoking could also give you the illness. If someone is standing in a group of people that are smoking, even if ...

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...ed to take care of them when they get ill and they probably don?t realise or think of that. Some people believe that when they quit smoking they will put on weight, this may be true as smoking burns off an average of 200 calories a day, nicotine is an appetite suppressant which means you won?t feel the urge to eat, just to smoke. Metabolism is boosted. To sum up, you they don?t get the calories burned off and will be eating more, probably un-healthy things. There are ways to quit and not put on weight. Exercise more, keep healthy snacks at hand, avoid alcohol, and take nicotine pills, patches, or fake cigarettes.

In conclusion, there are arguments for and against this topic because people?s opinions can be very different. I am against smoking and have detailed my arguments against it but have also included some reasons for it because so many people do support it.

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