Support of Hitler due to Unpopularity of the Weimar Governments

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Support of Hitler due to Unpopularity of the Weimar Governments

After the 1929 Wall StreetCrash, the Weimar Republic was faced with a

series of challenges which they failed to solve, resulting in their

unpopularity. However, Hitler's support grew during the years after

the Crash between 1929 and 1933 when he was ordained Chancellor.

The crash of the American stock market in 1929 resulted in

international economical depression. Germany was hit especially hard

as the American businessmen who had loaned German banks money under

the Dawes plan in 1924 now wanted it back as they were now in debt


For the Weimar Government, this caused great problems. It caused

inflation, and the bankruptcy of many businesses who had borrowed

money from the banks and Americans. Consequently, businesses laid off

workers, resulting in huge unemployment which made the Weimar

government extremely unpopular, made worse by Chancellor Brüning

cutting welfare benefits in 1930 to counter the depression. This made

the situation catastrophic for the unemployed, who would do anything

to get back to work. These problems may have been solvable, but the

German industry had also suffered greatly as there were less people

working to produce. This meant there was less money made in tax for

the government to use to improve the situation.

The Treaty of Versailles further decreased the government's

desperately needed funds as the British, French and Belgians were now

even more in want of reparations to help their own struggling

economies - by 1932 worldwide industrial production was 38% less than

in 1929. Accepting the Treaty had meant a huge loss of prid...

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...o gave growing support as the situation worsened as the Nazis

gave them scapegoats, for examples the Jews and communists for the

country's problems - making the Germans feel it is not their country

that is bad, and that by actively following Nazi policies, they could

make Germany great again by ridding it of the scapegoats the Nazis

dictated, including their political rivals.

In conclusion, it was a series of linked factors that gave Hitler

growing support. The Depression sparked off problems, which the Weimar

constitution and Treaty of Versailles prevented the government from

using methods to effectively tackle. Whereas, Hitler used any methods

to appeal to many different groups by promising a strong Germany once

again - something the Weimar government was not doing, and the main

reason for Hitler's growing support.
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