Support for the Poor

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Americans have always felt the need to help other people who are struggling. Throughout human history individuals have been supportive of poor families that are in need. Some of the very earliest examples include The British Poor Law, which was effective in the sixteenth century. This law provided assistance to poor children, elderly, ill-even some individuals capable of working were assisted. Cash assistance was given to the needy while able bodied adults were given a job. The poor law was replaced by the public welfare system during The Great Depression. Welfare is temporary assistance that is put in place to assist struggling families. Welfare is financed by the government to help people who are in need due to poverty. Welfare includes WIC which stands for Women, Infant and Children. Another form of welfare is AFDC meaning Aid to Families with Dependent Children. Many needy families receive cash assistance but not all assistance that is received is collected in the form of cash; qualifying applicants also receive food stamps, housing assistance, medical and dental assistance, and childcare assistance. Beneficiaries that utilize food stamps are limited to purchasing qualifying food and beverages at qualifying stores. Welfare is actually intended for struggling parents, however, many Americans have a general assumption that the aid goes to undeserving recipients. Despite judgment from the public, struggling families greatly benefit from this system. The public does not always view this assistance in a positive light; many feel as if the system for the most part assists parents with escaping work and from supporting themselves. An assumption is that parents receiving welfare probably do nothing to improve and just collect free mo... ... middle of paper ... ...abeth Kenefick, "Random Drug Testing of TANF Recipients is Costly, Ineffective, and Hurts Families," CLASP, 03 Februaray 2011. Peltier, Michael. Judge Halts Florida Drug Tests For Aid Applicants Thomson Reuters News and Insight. 24 October 2011. "Poor Law." Encyclopedia Britannica. Encyclopedia Britannica Online. Encyclopedia Britannica Inc., 2012. Web. 08 Feb. 2012. Rector, Robert. Welfare Programs Should Promote Self-sufficiency US news. 15 December 2011. Smith, Philip. Stop the Drug War. 17 February 2012. 24 February 2011 . United States District Court Middle District of Florida Orlando Division. No. 6:11-cv-01473-Orl-35DAB. United States District. 24 October 2011. Welfare Information. 2012. 08 February 2012. Web.
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