Supervisory Skills In Toyota

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Supervisory Skills Carol C. Williams MGMT101 D004 Spring 15 American Public University Supervisory Skills In the world of quality control, it is up to each individual to do their part to make sure that we are distributing and putting the best quality parts into the vehicles that Toyota manufactures. Since the start of Toyota it has been its guiding principles of producing reliable vehicles by using its unique management philosophies and values by employing innovative and high quality products and services (Toyota, 2015). In order to produce high quality products, Toyota will need a high quality, above average, quality control department. Ensuring that these high quality standards are being met will start with the leadership of…show more content…
This is where good communication within the quality department and with other departments such as production comes into play. Communicating with employees and across departments will help in staying on top of things and being aware of what is going on in each department. (Conlow, 2006). In order to help prevent issues with quality, it is very important that when issues are found, they are immediately reported to the production team. This will ensure that production of faulty parts will cease until the problem is found and repaired. This will also prevent the quality team from continuing to check parts that they know will be faulty. In addition to reporting issues to other departments, there should also be ongoing training and education provided to employees to make sure that everyone is up to date on any new technology or processes deemed necessary for growth. Giving employees an opportunity to learn, grow and develop teamwork skills is important (Conlow,…show more content…
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