Supersize Me the Documentary

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Children today don’t look anything like their parents did when they were young. You say well they should look alike they’re family and they may look alike in their faces, but not in their waistlines. You make ask yourself, “Why is this?” and it is because “findings suggest that fast-food consumption has increased fivefold among children since 1970” (Ludwig). Since fast food is highly commercialized and are located everywhere it’s leading to the rise in child obesity rates in America.
On average a child in America today watches “35 hours of television a week” and when you think about it, that is just 5 hours shy from a full time job (Rothman). The children that I hang out with all watch Nickelodeon and the programs that run on this channel are usually 30 minutes long or at least that’s the time the show is allotted. My brother and I both like to watch SpongeBob and we like to watch the show so much we actually own a few SpongeBob DVDs. I’ve noticed something when we watch the DVDs of SpongeBob and when we watch SpongeBob on TV; on TV SpongeBob ‘airs’ for 30 minutes and on the DVDs the show only last 22 minutes, so does that mean that there’s 8 minutes worth of commercials when you watch the show on TV? I don’t see anything else that would be taking up those 8 minutes on TV so it has to be the commercials. If this is the case then that would mean that children are being exposed to 490 minutes worth of commercials a week! Studies “found fast-food commercials account for as much as 23 percent of the food-related ads kids see on TV” (Powell). So almost a fourth (112.7 minutes) of the commercials that children are watching each week are related to fast food. It may not seem like a high number, but it has more of an effect on children t...

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... easy to get a hold of, all of the blame shouldn’t be on the fast food industry for making children obese, should it? I think the parents are to blame too because they’re the ones that have control over their children and what goes on around them or better yet, inside of them.

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