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We have all heard the terms ‘to go out with a bang’, ‘go big or go home’, ‘it’s all or nothing’. Commonly we associate these phases to flashy performances and spectacles but nothing in the entire unaversive follows this mantra to the T than a supernova as it burst into a brilliant explosion visible light year away from a tiny planet floating through space such as our own. A supernova can be classified into two different types dependent on how they began and the results of these violent ‘deaths’ can actually prove to be very beneficial to the universe as a whole. Despite their distance scientists still study them in hopes of finding more information and to shed some light on the unknown phenomenon that has happened and is happening in deep space. To start off the discussion lets exactly determine what make a supernova and how these great stars end up in such a state. A supernova occurs at a star’s last stages as the star’s gasses burst outwards creating a gargantuan cosmic explosion, perhaps the largest explosions in the universe. The explosion pushes outward the gasses and material the once made up the original large star body creating an enormous, superheated, shock wave. These explosions are so large and so bright that that can outside entire galaxies and be visible to the naked eye from Earth. They can appear as a very bright star that suddenly appeared in the night sky and can keep shining for a few days to a couple years. If you know what to look for even people who are not scientists can discover supernovas. A telescope isn’t even required. For example in 2011 a ten year old girl from Canada discovered a supernova while observing the night sky on images on her computer. Then the question remains of how and what leads up ... ... middle of paper ... ...d on Earth and in the cores of the planets in the solar system. It’s the cycle of life and death and just as we see how important it is on Earth we can its importance throughout the universe. Scientists also study supernovas as a way to figure out the process of the universe and get an idea of how the universe might have come into being. Supernovas are fascinating topics and the key to learning more about this extremely extensive universe we live in. As we learn more and more our knowledge increases and we further our understanding of the world around us and hopefully help answer some long standing questions. Still while the death of a star is a violent occasion there is the possibility of creation from this destruction. When one era ends another will begin. Just as it is on Earth the supernova shows us the importance of the cycle of life and death in a flashy way.

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