Supernatural Interference In Shakespeare's Hamlet And Oedipus The King

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The main protagonists in Hamlet and Oedipus The King had their own approach on the supernatural interference. Hamlet viewed the supernatural interference differently with Oedipus. The ghost appeared to Hamlet at the beginning of the play and told him about the murder of his father. It was the beginning of Hamlet’s quest – to avenge his father’s death. However, it’s up to Hamlet whether to believe the ghost or not. Hamlet was a Christian follower, he believed in Christ. And in Christian rules, they should only obey the Lord and no one else. All other entities must not be entertained and was considered evil. Nonetheless, Hamlet chose to follow the ghost. Hamlet defied the religious teachings of their church while some characters in the play,…show more content…
Oedipus considered the supernatural interference as the God’s answer to their questions. Oedipus once said, “O King Apollo! May Creon/ bring us good fortune and rescue, bright as the ex-/pression I see on his face” (Sophocles 5), it showed that the characters in the play were really worshipping the Gods and they were religious enough to follow whatever the Gods and Goddesses were asking them to do. Worshipping the Gods and paying tributes to them was part of their beliefs. The prophecies were like astrology to them however, in their case, the people were obliged to follow it. The scared emotions of the chorus proved that the Gods were really powerful and they would not dare to do anything to anger them. The prophecy was bound to happen but Oedipus, Laius and Jocasta, tried to avoid their fate. Due to the power of the Gods, they still end up where they were destined to go. Oedipus, who once believed that the prophecy was a lie, faced the consequences of his actions leading his to his own destruction. Same thing happened to Laius in which he tried to prove that the prophecy was not true, but he ended up dying as it was…show more content…
Hamlet 's tragic flaw influenced his own fate. He was a procrastinator that made all the people around him die. If he had just killed Claudius right after he proved that Claudius was guilty, life would be easier for everyone. Hamlet chose to delay the death of his uncle because he was unsure of truth. He was unsure if the ghost was saying the truth that’s why he organized a play as an experiment to prove Claudius’s guilt. According to Aristotle’s Poetics, despite Hamlet’s intention of avenge his father’s death, Hamlet flawed actions caused his own catastrophe. There were a lot time where Hamlet could have died if it was not for his tragic flaw. If Hamlet did not found out about the letter of the king to England, he would be dead and unsuccessful. He would not have the chance to kill Claudius. Also, if the pirates had not come and captured him as a prisoner, he would not have a chance to talk to them and negotiate. As soon as the truth was revealed, he should have taken action on it so that only few people will be affected. Because of his tragic flaw, he killed almost everyone in the play and transferred the crown to their enemy. Thus, Hamlet led his flawed self to his own

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