Superconductors Research Task: What Is A Super Conductor?

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Superconductors research task

What is a super conductor?

A superconductor is an element or metallic alloy which when cooled below a certain temperature the material loses all electrical resistance. Therefore superconductors can allow electric current to flow without any energy loss due to no resistance. This type of current is also known as supercurrent. Due to the material has lost its electrical resistance the superconductor can carry a current indefinitely without losing energy. One properties is that no magnetic field can exist within a superconductor.

Types of superconductor.

There are two types of superconductors:

Type 1

Superconductors is manly metals and metalloids that show some conductivity at room temperature. They require extremely cold temperatures to slow down molecular vibrations to allow unimpeded electron flow in accordance with the BCS theory. The BSC theory suggest that electron team up in cooper pairs to help each other overcome molecular obstacles. Cooper pairs is two electrons that appear to team up despite the fact the both have negative charges and would normally repel each other. Below the superconducting transition temperature paired electrons form a condensate which flows without restance. Type 1 superconductors are known as soft superconductors were discovered first and require cold temperatures to become superconductive. They show a very sharp transition to a superconductive state and diamagnetism. Which is the ability to repel a magnetic field completely. Examples of type 1 are lead at 7.196K and
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Type 2

Type 2 is made up of metallic compounds and alloys and are known as hard superconductors. Superconductors are not that good conductors at room temperature and the transition to a superconductor state is more gradual than type 1. Type 2 will allow some penetration by external magnetic field into its surface.

The physical properties of a
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