Super Typhoon Yolanda and Assistance Needed in the Philippines

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“What happened in Samar - Leyte is not a game. There are no two sides but the whole of humanity. There are no winners and losers, we all either win or lose in the future we make for ourselves.” (Yeb Sano). On November 8, 2013, Super Typhoon Yolanda, also known as Haiyan is considered as one of the strongest tropical storms ever (World Vision, 2013), hit the Philippines, particularly Tacloban, Leyte and parts of Samar. It is the deadliest Philippine typhoon on record and also the strongest storm recorded at landfall. Images of houses was damaged, large trees were uprooted, and swelling waves caused by storm surges towering as high as 16 feet have occupied international and local headlines. An estimated 25 million people was affected, 10 million of them are children, almost 6,200 unfortunately died, and many of them were displaced (World Vision, 2013). The United Nations said that it will take several years before the affected areas could fully recover. Secretary General of UN, Ban Ki – moon said that the Philippine Government is facing a huge statistical challenge in carrying out its ...

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