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“We live in a toxic environment where we are almost guaranteed to get sick.” Morgan Spurlock states in the documentary Super Size Me. One possible cause of our sickness is in part due to what we consume. Americans have become adapted to a fast paced lifestyle that effected was the way we eat. Which eventually led to Americans becoming accustomed to eating unhealthy fast food. Corporations saw this growing culture and took advantage of this in order to make a profit. Eventually they began to completely disregard the consumer 's health in order to keep making their money. Since fast food corporations were not informing people about their products, Spurlock 's documentary took the initiative to do so. Super-size Me sought to emphasize how much an excessive consumption of fast food can actually impact someone 's health. Morgan Spurlock conducted an experiment in which he only eats McDonald 's food for 30 days. In those 30 days he can only consume food from McDonald 's for 3 meals per day. Spurlock also has to limit his excursive and walking to less than 5,000 steps a day. This was the statistical average of how many steps an average person with a sedentary lifestyle will take. The documentary shows how this experiment affects his social, physical and psychological health. While exploring the fast food industry 's corporate influence by encouraging poor nutrition for their own profit. He gives evidence that this is the case of the United States in relation to fast food. Prior to starting the experience Spurlock visits various doctors to get a complete health report. He needed the report so he could compare to his results after the experiment. Spurlock finds out that he had perfect health overall, according to all of his physicians. Hea... ... middle of paper ... advertisements will help them in the long run. Working together they can promote healthy eating behaviors even if fast food companies don’t want to. Instead of cutting out physical education they need to r implement exercise a daily requirement. As well as, teach children how to cook and grow their own food. Leading people to care about what goes into their body and how it affects their well-being. Instead of just saying that fast food is bad for them there are other preventative option that can be taken to inform people. As a whole, people won’t completely stop eating fast food. Yet, it’s still important for people to be informed and aware of the risks they are taking when excessively eating fast food. Preventing the association of fast food being something that can make them feel better. In turn showing them that fast food can both taste great and be nutritious.

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