Super Size Me: A Movie Review: Supersize Me

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Supersize Me: Supersize Me is a social experiment documentary that goes above and beyond to show us the health risk fast food consumption is involved. If someone was to tell you that you’re practically killing yourself by eating that BigMac we probably wouldn’t believe them. Eating fast food affects every aspect of our health, from heart and cholesterol problems to becoming over weight and obese. Obesity rates unfortunately continue to increase and is truly an epidemic in the making. We obtain the side effects from the fast food while the fast food chains are making millions of dollars in a day’s time. Morgan Spurlock risk his own health by investigating the relations between fast food and obesity; he consumes McDonalds for a whole month…show more content…
It stretches to most people, including parents, children, college students, people always on the go etc. College Students are strong candidates for this documentary due to some not knowing how to cook, having little time to cook, hence having such busy schedules with homework, classes and some having jobs. Some college students and even high school students even work at fast food, so passing up getting food at a discounted price for working there also increases consumption in younger people. Some fast food chains even have student discounts, which does not help with the consumption of unhealthy food, especially if it is the cheapest route to go. McDonalds, in select locations offer this student discount. Parents are also a strong candidate due to the attempt to decrease obesity rates when their children are grown. If the parent provided unhealthy food for their child, it will catch up with them when they are older causing the possibility of overweight, and even early onset of diabetes, etc. They are also more likely to eat unhealthy and fast foods if they were given it at a young age, learning that it’s okay to consume, and sometimes in extreme cases, even getting addicted to the food. McDonalds lures in the young children with the Happy Meals, playgrounds, Ronald McDonald, and even having toys with their meal. It’s also puzzling how some hospitals such as Kosairs, are supposed to promote good health, but have a McDonalds, or other fast…show more content…
He had three medical experts, a cardiologist, a gastroenterologist, and a general practitioner. Spurlock’s first checkup he was very healthy and had no illness, according to all three specialist but at the end of the 30 days that was a total different story. He goes through a total physical examination before and after the binge to show his viewers the effects of the fast food. Even at the get-go of the binge, the doctors feared heart problems showing that normal fast food consumption can also cause heart problems. He even went to a registered dietician to track his progress. He also talked to other experts in health to show more in depth statistics, to further prove to his viewers the affects. William Klish spoke about the increase in diabetes and how children who obtain diabetes before the age 15 can lose somewhere between 17 and 27 years of life span. This fact alone stands out and should stand out for most parents because the happy meals they bought for their children could lead to early death in their

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