Super Size Me

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Super Size Me Numerous individuals around the world are familiar with McDonald’s and its unhealthy menu; however, that does not stop many from visiting the fast food giant. Super Size Me is an in-depth film by Morgan Spurlock, which shows viewers his journey from healthy eating to becoming a fast food junkie. Viewers are able to see the damage that the unhealthy food from McDonald’s causes while Spurlock eats three meals a day from the fast food chain. Spurlock visits three schools, each with different meal programs. The differences in the healthy and unhealthy choices made by the schools are abundantly clear. Audiences also become aware of how effective advertisers are in securing business for unhealthy food products. Spurlock’s documentary gives audiences an in-depth view into how an unhealthy diet from McDonald’s can affect the body, how easily good nutrition can be better incorporated into schools, and the effective advertising that causes Americans to choose unhealthy foods. Thirty days on a McDonald’s diet is a dangerous endeavor even for someone who is starting the expedition with outstanding health. Spurlock begins his journey in good health according to three different doctors and a nutritionist. General Practioner, Daryl M. Isaacs, states that Spurlock’s general heath is outstanding. It is clear that Spurlock is in good health as he starts his project. Nutritionist, Bridget Bennett conducts Spurlock’s official weigh in stating that he is 185.5 lbs., with 11% body fat which, she says is great. Spurlock seems up beat during the beginning of the film. However, during the thirty day binge of fast food it is evident that his body is not reacting well to the new diet. When he becomes physically sick while eating a super-siz... ... middle of paper ... ...healthy food. Spurlock advances on a journey that puts his health at risk in order to show viewers the hazards of eating McDonald’s. Spurlock starts his journey out as a very healthy man. In just one month of eating fast food, his body is in in serious peril as his liver becomes inflamed from the fatty diet. Spurlock also shows viewers the different ways that schools provide lunches for their students and how easily healthy food can be incorporated into students’ lives. Finally, Spurlock provides proof that advertising is an effective way to corrupt America into buying unhealthy food. Super Size Me is an in-depth look at how America should take a stand against unhealthy fast food restaurants and begin eating healthy meals to provide a better quality of living. Work Cited Super Size Me. Dir. Morgan Spurlock. Samuel Goldwyn Films and Roadside Attractions, 2004. Film.

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