Super Obscure Bank Report

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Report to SSB Board of Directors Antonio Collins MEMORANDUM TO: Super Secure Bank (SSB) Board of Directors FROM: Antonio Collins Cryptographer Computer Security Divisions DATE: October 5, 2014 SUBJECT: Suit stating that transfer of money was made by forged email. Facts: Super Secure Bank (SSB) and bank manager Bob are co-defendants in a recently lawsuit filed by one of Super Secure Bank (SSB) high net worth customers, Alice. Alice opened one of her monthly bank statements and noticed there was a $1,000,000 debit transferred out of her account. Alice then requested information on why there was a transfer of $1,000,000 from her account. SSB researched Alice’s request and told Alice that…show more content…
Bob has claimed he followed all stated bank procedures in the transfer of the $1,000,000 from Alice’s account to his account in the Cayman…show more content…
From the other test, a creation of newer encryption scheme that is considered practically unbreakable came about called the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). AES is double the block size of DES and 3DES as well as longer key lengths. The double block length and longer keys allows for stronger encryption. The fact that AES is the standard used by the United States government further endorses AES as trustworthy encryption. The use of AES would leave basically no doubt in the message that was sent as secure as long as the key isn’t compromised. Putting safeguards on 3DES such as rotating keys and in combination with digital signatures will make the use of 3DES feasible for the near future. Keeping up on computing power in connection in breaking 3DES is definitely needed. Preparing for the implementation of AES should be discussed but for this matter, per the stated facts, the recommendations that were outlined in this report would protect against the allegations that Alice is

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