Super Models of the Media

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Cindy Crawford, Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, and Gisele Bundchen, just to name a few, are some of the world’s most beautiful super models. They make their living being beautiful and unapproachable. Perfectly applied make-up, designer clothing draped over thin hips and bony shoulders. Hair coiffed teased and piled high upon their entitled, snobbish heads. Lights! Camera! Action! It’s to be expected in this industry of beauty. So how does a Burger King hamburger fall into the category of super model? I guess you could say that there are several similarities between a super model and a BK burger. For instance, there is an entourage of professionals that make both super models and BK burgers beautiful. Did you know that food stylist are professionally trained and can earn up to $750 per day? Can you imagine being paid $750 per day to put make up on food and place it “just right” on a platter? There are producers, art directors, lighting and camera assistants and prop people that arrive at least two hours before a typical photo shoot. Shooting food requires lots of details. On the day of the shoot, the props and background are laid out and all of the food ingredients are made available to stylist right when they arrive. The most important aspect of the shoot is to make sure the burger is receiving the proper lighting. Food can be so colorful and textured, but if the lighting is wrong, it can make the burger look flat and dull. The lighting actually tells a story. It speaks to the character of the food. The lighting also expressed what Burger King is trying to sell; a beautifully finished product. The burger patty is purposefully under cooked so that it does not shrink, therefore making the burger patty actually hang off th... ... middle of paper ... ... self esteem from watching the media’s bombardment of fast food commercials and the beauty industry’s definition of beautiful. These pressures often result in poorly developed eating habits, increasing the chances of obesity or developing eating disorders such as anorexia or bulimia. We as a society take our cues on how to live, what to wear and what to eat from the media. In conclusion, you could say that there are many similarities between super models and the BK burger. In the beginning of their careers, they’re fussed over, pampered, dressed up, photographed, and wanted by all. But in the end when they’re old and dried out and no longer desirable, they get tossed out with the trash. Like a piece of meat. Works Cited Green, Joey.”Beauty and the Beef”. Steps to Writing Well with Additional Reading. 7th ed. Jean Wyrick. Boston: Thomson, 2008. 591-592. Print.

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