Super Food Essay

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We are all superheroes in our own way, so what is your super power? I can tell you what your kryptonite is. It is the food you are eating. Have you ever wondered why you feel tired or unfocused, have a lack of energy for completing simple tasks? It can all be traced back to your diet. All superheroes have one thing or another that weakens their super powers. Such as, Super Man and Kryptonite, or WonderWomen and the loss of her bracelets. Every real superhero is affected by their diets which can work against them similar to the loss of a superheroes power. We want to ensure that all students are aware of how to minimalize the effects of their diets by incorporating Super-foods into their diets to get the most health benefits. The typical…show more content…
Well...With Superfoods. These foods are rich in vitamins and nutrients that offer many health benefits that may be counter active to the effects of the not so healthy food that are often consumed. These foods can give student the energy they need to endure their busy lifestyles, and may even boost their moods. Sounds like something your doctor would prescribe, doesn’t it? No this is not a drug…it is a superfood. WebMD states, “Imagine a superfood—not a drug—powerful enough to help you lower your cholesterol, reduce your risk of heart disease and cancer, and for an added bonus, puts you in a better mood…These life-altering superfoods are available right now in your local supermarket”(Selinger,…show more content…
The answer is…these are foods that you have all heard of and they have been right in front of your face, in the familiar places that you have been shopping all along. They are not hidden among the process foods, “these are going to be ‘real’ (unprocessed) food” …” you don’t find fortified potato chips in the superfood category”(Weiss, 2013). You begin by shopping the outside isles of the grocery store. The veggies such as; Beans, broccoli, spinach, tomatoes. The fruits such as; blueberries and oranges. You can also find superfoods such as oats and walnuts or Salmon and Turkey. A favorite superfood is Yogurt, in which you can add your own toppings for added benefits. These foods can be found in almost every supermarket or grocery store near you. Many are familiar with the low-cost grocery chain, ALDI, which offers many of these superfoods at a much lower cost than some of the higher priced grocery chains, such as Hy-Vee or even Wal-Mart. Another great source that is popular right not is the local farmer’s markets that are being held through the summer months and it allows one to buy locally grown fruits and veggies direct from the farmers all in one
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