Sunday Morning.

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Warm. It’s too warm. I don’t remember using my blanket last night. He must be back then. I opened my eyes and immediately closed them again. Damn sunlight. I squinted and let my eyes adjust themselves to the brightness. I looked down and saw his arms around my waist. Holy cow. Those are some really sexy arms. His drawn tattoos are still there and his arms were veiny and muscular. I woke up and gently peeled his arms off me. I rolled off the bed and stood up. I stared at the perfection that was lying on our bed. Bare chest, muscular stomach and a… tent? Oh God it looks so… huge? Hmm.
I went towards the bathroom and did my business. I came out and I saw it again. It looks even bigger now. How is that even possible? I went back to my side of the bed and tried to sleep. But my mind could only think about that bulge. I sat up and glared at it. I crawled towards it and stopped just above. Hmmm. A little something something wouldn’t hurt right? So I pulled down his boxers gently and it almost hit me. It stood proud and tall like a soldier when the national anthem is on. Oh wow. I didn’t know it was of this length and size because it’s my first time seeing it. Of course we did it before, It’s just that we went straight to the point. No foreplay. And it was always dark. The base of his length was covered with tufts of hair here and there and hidden underneath are two marble-like testes. Holy crap. He looks like a Greek God. Gulping, I shakily reached out for his organ.
I touched it and squeezed it. He groaned. I quickly went back to my side of the bed, pretending I was asleep. After a few minutes, I crawled back to the space between his legs. I saw precum on the tip of his dick and instinctively licked it. He tasted musky. The taste was so...

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...ouldn’t you be a crying melting puddle right now with my proposal?”
“Shut up and sleep. You’re too full of yourself.”
“And this is one of the reasons I love myself.”
I didn’t bother replying him as sleep took over me.
“YA! YA! YA!”
Silly baby. I love you, my midnight sun. I will do so forever till the end of time. You’re my inspiration and also the person who was always there for me. You have your moments and sometimes you can be a real jerk. But I can be a real bitch at times too. Maybe that is why we go so well together. No matter how many times I tell you I love you, it will never be enough. You’re the master of my universe and I’ll be the mistress of yours. Forever, to infinity and beyond.

Hello everyone! How was it? Was it suckish? LOL Good or bad please leave me some comments as they motivate me to write more oneshots and get more ideas!!! ^^
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