Summer Break is a Must Have

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What are you doing for summer break? A two week family vacation? A camping trip? Whatever you are doing might seem like nothing new. Its the same three month summer break you have got since you were in kindergarten. Well some kids will be in school when you are going on your week long camping trip with your friends or your month in Europe. Year Round schooling in where kids would be in school for about six weeks and then get a two week break. That routine would be in play all year. About 3,100 schools in the United States have switched to year-round schooling. While some think its a good idea other strongly disagree. Summer break is a time for family time, extra critical, vacations, relaxing and a time for young teens to get there first jobs. Year-round schooling should not be in play.
For example, Patricia McCracken, who grew up at a year-round school in Virginia says she found the two-week breaks, which occurred every six weeks at her school, to be disruptive. "It was really hard to get involved in the work because as soon as you geared up, you had to gear back down again." ("The Pros and Cons of Year-Round Schools") Although some people think year-round schooling is a way to make up for lost school days. Such as: snow days, hurricane watches, and teacher strikes. It may sound like a fine and dandy idea but very few studies have came back to be an efficient way for students to learn.
In addition the year-round schooling method has been in a thought since the 1970’s. many researchers have shown that there is a big difference between learning time and the amount of time engaged in learning. Just doubling the schooling time like some schools are, is not a way for improvement. In some cases it was shown that they might go backwards...

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