Summation of the Declaration of Independence

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Summation of the Declaration of Independence The Declaration of Independence, composed in Congress, on July 4, 1776, was not only a statement displaying the rights of the governed, but was a declaration of why the thirteen states of the United States was separating themselves from Great Britain. The Declaration begins by stating that it is the right of the people to inform the political party the reasons for the separation. The laws of nature and Nature's God, being the capacity to reason, is the primary need for the separation. Great Britain does not abide to these laws. Nobody gives the consent to be ruled. Everybody, naturally has the right to be free. In order to understand one's right to be free, one must have the knowledge to reason. God has reason, but no passion, whereas a beast has passion but no reason. Man, is somewhere in between, his reason is affected by passion and choice. A beast has no reason, therefore can be ruled, whereas man cannot. In order to secure the rights government is chosen by the people, and in turn are the people ruling. When, in fact the government does not act on behalf of its people it is a duty to rebel and overthrow the government. It is the duty of the governed to overthrow the government because at that point when it does not protect our rights it really is not a government. The king of Great Britain has made everything hard for the United States of America not only by making the meeting places far from their public records, but has refused to pass laws unless the legislative bodies would relinquish all rights to govern or speak on behalf of the people. The king has made everyone dependent upon him for virtually everything, their tenure, their salaries. The people the the United States of America have abolished themselves completely of all ties with Great Britain, and are willing to fight against Great Britain if the time ever did arise.
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