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In today’s Information Age, the digitalization of the work environment has led to original and up-to-date working conditions. The articles I will comment on provide information on some new working trends, their advantages and their drawbacks both for the employee and the employer.

In « Where Every Day Is Saturday » a new management strategy, « Results-Only-Work-Environment » (ROWE), is introduced. This strategy, successfully implemented at Best Buy, shatters the accepted idea of office face time productivity. Indeed, for Cali Ressler and Jody Thompson, the creators of this technique, trusting employees and giving them the freedom to use their time is the answer to improve workplace productivity and enhance organization’s performance. The ROWE method consists in evaluating employees on results rather than time or presence. It would result in a more efficient, committed and satisfied workforce. In fact, a survey conducted by Best Buy showed that trust and control over one’s time is critical for potential employees.
Personally, I agree that coupling results with physical presence is an outdated concept. Being one of the Millennials, I grew up digitally multitasking and I value the tools that allow me to be autonomous. I may feel constricted by an old structure portrayed by an office cubicle and a restrictive schedule. However, I think that presence at work still applies to some industries such as retail or the public sector in which people have to be present to fulfill their mission and satisfy clients. Moreover, this new and revolutionary program may undermine collaboration and team work, which are essential to a company’s culture, and fails in terms of leadership responsibility and proficiency. As a matter of fact, Best Buy decid...

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...iders as the third area of leadership and career development, which involves a person’s personal growth issues. If an employee doesn’t take the time to add value to his personal path, he or she looses his or her bargaining power and may eventually loose his or her self-esteem. Consequently, establishing boundaries to have time for oneself is essential to a successful and balanced life.

Taking everything into account, we have to acknowledge that breakdown of personal time and work time boundaries and flexible work arrangements are prevailing nowadays. Although there is a strong debate on the merits and drawbacks of these new tendencies, I feel very strongly that evolving technological connection is not the solution to work-life balance. Ultimately individuals and companies have to find a compromise in order to find equilibrium between productivity and collaboration.
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