Summary of William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet

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Romeo and Juliet, one of the most famous and acclaimed plays of William Shakespeare, recounts the romance of a couple whose lives destiny would at the end head towards tragedy. This play takes place in Verona in the late 1500’s. The play deals mostly with the fact that Romeo couldn’t be with Juliet since their families were such big rivals. However, though all of their family hated each other so much, Romeo and Juliet had never met before.

It happened that in every certain time of the year the Capulets (Juliet’s family) made this great feast in which they invited all the townsfolk for except the Montagues, so as usual they sent their servants to invite the town’s people. One of the servants didn’t really know all of the Montagues and invited by accident Romeo and two of his friends to the feast. After much thinking Romeo and his friends, Benvolio and Mercutio, decided to go to the party. While the feast was taken place, the Capulets arranged a marriage for their daughter Juliet with count Paris, a kinsman to the prince of Verona without asking for Juliet’s opinion regarding this matter. When Romeo and Juliet saw each other, I would say that it was love at first site what happened between them. Soon after the party finished, Romeo asked one of his friends to tell him who was that girl with whom he had danced. When both of them realized whom they were, a feeling of discouragement invaded their heads but the love they had for each other was greater than their family’s antipathy; therefore, their affair had to be kept a secret until hopefully one day their families would come together.

Suddenly, Romeo comes with the idea of getting married the next day on the chapel, so they both agree to meet at the place and marry without letting their parents find out. As they had already agreed, they both went to the chapel and were secretly married by the Friar Lawrence. When the ceremony finishes, they plan to see each other at night, but what they didn’t knew is that that would be their last time together.

Soon after they farewell each other, Romeo set out forth to the town, and to his surprise, finds his friends, Mercutio and Benvolio, fighting with some guys from the Capulet family, including Tybalt, lady Capulet’s cousin.
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