Summary of William Faulkner´s A Rose for Emily

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“A Rose For Emily” by William Faulkner revolves around one true main character, which is Miss Emily Grierson. She is someone who is very mysterious and also is a very quiet person who always kept to herself. She was a quiet lady who always kept to herself, but throughout the story, we see she was an important figure in her town. Her father, Mr. Grierson was a very possessive man, he was a big part of her life through her good times and her bad times. He being a big part of her life was why Emily was left devastated and hurt when he passed away. She felt very alone after her father’s death, soon after she was also abandoned by her sweetheart at the time, who many of the townspeople thought she would marry. The story does not reveal a name for Emily’s father, he is just known as her father. He is already dead in the story and it just gives some glimpses of him in the past and how he was. He is described as a controlling person, especially towards his daughter Emily. He was the kind of person who thought very highly of himself and his family pride. Emily was single much of her life, and the reason for that was her father, he had always tried to control her life that drove many men away from her life. He felt none of the men who were in her life wasn’t good enough for her. One by one men left Miss Emily’s life, and she was left single in her 30’s, with no man in sight. Being single, no man in her life, Emily Grierson’s lonely feeling had just started then. After her father died, Emily refused to give away his body. She kept on saying that her father wasn’t dead for days. She eventually gave her father’s body away for burial after breaking down when everyone kept calling her and convincing her to give up her father’s body for burial.

... middle of paper ... Emily did want him all to herself. When Miss Emily bough poison, which she planned to use to kill Homer, many of the townspeople fear the poison was actually for her to kill herself. So one night when Homer was at Miss Emily’s house, she killed him. Quite strange she would kill him if she really loved him, a reason she killed him was maybe so she could always keep him by her side and he wouldn’t leave her.
All the characters in “A Rose for Emily” all have an important connection with the main character, Miss Emily. This was story was narrated by a townsperson, who you could also count as character in this story. The townspeople had many opinions about Miss Emily. They always seemed to talk about her, always judging her life and how she was. That’s what made her an important person in the town. It wasn’t a normal day in the town without talking about Miss Emily.
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