Summary of The Notebook

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Ever wonder what it would be like if the person you love unconditionally lost all of their memories? The film “The Notebook” originally written by author Nicholas Sparks, starts with characters Noah and Allie married to each other after many years together. Allie is in the hospital suffering from Alzheimer's disease. Noah reads to her daily from his notebook. The notebook is a diary of their life together. As Noah reads to Allie their life flashes back to when they first met, as teenagers, where Allie spent her summers and follows them as couple through the ups and downs of their world win of a relationship. Allie was from a wealthy family. Noah was a poor Miner boy. It did not take long for the two of them to become inseparable and fall madly in love and was soon forbidden to date Noah. Her parents thought their daughter deserved someone better, someone from a good upbringing. Before the summer ended, Allie's family forced her to return home. This was her mother’s way to separate them. Allie was taken away without telling Noah she had to leave. Allie and Noah were devastated. Noah continued to write Allie letters every day, expressing his love for her. Allie never received any of the letters, her mother hid them from her even though she continued to love Noah. Years continued to separate the couple and Noah continued to write Allie. During the war, Allie was a nurse and met an injured solider in the hospital where she worked. Eventually, with her parent’s approval Allie became engaged to her new love. While planning for her wedding she reads a newspaper about a man; Noah, who renovated an old house in his town. This town was where she spent her summers growing up and where she met Noah. This was the house Noa... ... middle of paper ... ...d Allie, their memories and love for each other was strong enough to help her remember, even though it was for only a short period of time. Noah’s love for Allie was so strong it gave him the strength to fight, to keep her with him a little longer. Love is a powerful thing. It is invisible. It cannot be seen or measured; just felt, yet this feeling is powerful enough to transform you in a moment, and give you more joy than any material possession could ever do. Works Cited Christina Mitchell, Reminiscing can help an Alzheimer's patient remember past Courier-Post, USA Today|News 2012.Web.12, Jan.2012. Christine Kennard, Reminiscence Therapy and Activities for People with Dementia Health, 2006.Web.5, Aug.2006. Michelle Bloomquist, Communicating Effectively When Alzheimer’s Is an Issue Everyday Health Media, LLC, Copyright 2014.Web.
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