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Summary of The Lesson In this story the author tells us about a girl named Sylvia, the narrator, who lives in a very low income family. A place where school is not a priority. A place where it is more important to be strong and hard, than to read a book. This was the thought anyway, before Miss. Moore moved in. She was a school teacher who took it upon herself to teach the neighborhood kids. On one summer afternoon in particular she was going to take the kids into town on a field trip. The kids are not at all happy about this because they know it is summer break and they are not supposed to be in school in the summer. They would rather be at the pool playin’, but Miss. Moore knows that if these kids want a chance at a better life, then she better show them what is out there. The story leads to the bus ride where Miss. Moore gives money to Sylvia to give the driver a tip. Sylvia can not figure the tip, so she keeps the money thinking that she really showed Miss. Moore. She did not even admit to herself that the real reason she did not leave the tip was because she did ...

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