Summary of The Film Big Fish by Tim Burton

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“So this is a tall tale?”

“Well, it’s not a short one…”

Stories are our essence of life. They grow and change with us. They allow us to reconstruct the pas, and put our slant on things. They don’t’ have make sense, and they don’t all have to be fact. That’s what kind of story this is.

Big Fish, directed by Tim Burton, is a heart warming, comedic film, with many twists and turns. It explores the world of an eccentric father, while telling his life story. And so, our story begins.

“There are some fish that cannot be caught. It's not that they're faster or stronger then the other fish. They're just touched by something extra.”

That fish is Edward Bloom. A compulsive storyteller, who enjoyed living life to it’s fullest. This extraordinary film is based on a collection of cleverly crafted stories from the novel, by Daniel Wallace. William Bloom (Billy Crudup) is a journalist who wants to find the truth behind his fathers’ mythical stories, to find out the truth about Edward, who is dying of cancer. For too long has Will heard the unending series of tales his father claims is his life.

It is Edward’s myths, of course, that really reveal the man he is. Tim Burton has cleverly constructed his movie around Ewan McGregor, the young handsome Edward Bloom, and so the tall begin. The screenplay, by John August, mixes tender heartfelt drama with zany, outrageous scenes, skipping from past to present, while keeping the tension alive.

Finding the town of Ashton and small pond for the big fish he is, Edward sets out for the wilder world. This is how it all began. Through witches, werewolves, and giants you can see Edward change and grow with each new experience. As Edward’s retells his story, Will begins to realise that his father has always been true.

The casting of Big Fish is incredible. Burton chose wisely. With the uncanny likeness between Ewan McGregor and Albert Finney playing the young and old Edward, and Alison Lohman and Jessica Lange playing the wonderful Sandra Templeton/Bloom, you would swear that they were the same person.

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