Summary of Man-made Epidemics and The Rise of Superbugs

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1. Summary of “Man-made epidemics” We are all acquainted with the accomplished fact that nature supports the human attempt in many ways; however, disrupting and encroaching on the nature frequently result in complications, given that the nature has a tendency to put up resistance against human beings in order to protect itself from the outside interference. We destroy the nature, provided that nature fights back. Diseases turn out being a highly controversial problem –an environmental and an economic issue, respectively; nevertheless are these diseases fundamentally caused by humans, just as nature disasters are. Disease is largely an environmental issue, as sixty percent of emerging infectious diseases originate in animals and more than 2/3 of those originate in wildlife. Epidemics as AIDS, Ebola, West Nile, plague, Lyme disease etc., which in fact belong to the category of disasters, are products of what humans do to nature; although the plague-issue has mitigated over the years, which i.a. is attributable to the arrival of the common brown rat from Asia in 1730. The black rats carried the plague and thus couldn’t compete with the brown rats, which made them disappear. The main obstacle is the fact, that we humans constantly interfere with the nature and thus alter the ecosystems. The reason why emerging diseases have quadrupled in the last half-century is according to experts attributable to the increasing human encroachment into habitat. With our intervention we – unconsciously– exacerbate the problem and give rise to a frictionless increase in white-footed mice, for instance, which unfortunately are great reservoirs for the Lyme bacteria. Encroachment into wild lands and thus eroding biodiversity is exceedingly precarious... ... middle of paper ... ...f predicting that significant casualties are to be anticipated. Is this the end of the human existence? Will we be able surviving this exceedingly terrifying storm awaiting us? I find the fact that we are the generation who are going to form the future terrifying. Finding a cure and saving the human race is highly probable our responsible. However, by that time we surely are more enlightening and instructive, as we constantly collect knowledge and illumination, which is going to benefit us in the future. Fundamentally I believe in human beings finding a solution, but we have to act - nevertheless drug companies have incentives to create new antibiotics in order to replace those that germs have grown resistant to. It’s a slow, but progressing process, and supplementing plus completion of the work is our responsible. A warrior acts, a fool reacts. We are warriors.

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