Summary of Destroyed by Lies by Katie McKnight

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Tara and Margie walked hand-and-hand off of the elevator and through the main lobby. Tara paused when she reached the café and peered through the glass wall at the table she and Charlotte sat the day Laura Green approached them for the second time. It was the location her nightmare truly began. Until that point, Tom’s only known lie was his status with the army. Couple’s therapy may have helped her and Tom work through whatever issue led to his dishonesty. The double life he’d been leading was unforgivable. No amount of therapy would allow her to forgive him.

Tara left the hospital and slipped into the passenger seat of her mother’s car. “I’ve seen a dozen TV shows about men who lead double lives. I could never understand how women were so blind. Little did I know a deceitful man slept in my bed. I’m such a fool.”

“He fooled us all.”

“I’m his wife. I should have known.”

“Let’s get in touch with Charlotte and tell her we’re leaving first thing tomorrow morning. That will give her a few more hours with Tom and us time to sleep.”

Tara nodded.

“What else can I do?”

“Text Jenn and tell her and Lilly to meet us at the car. I want to get far away from this place.”


Lilly chattered about her father the entire ride back to the hotel. She told Jenn how much she loved him and asked Tara several times when she would see Tom again. It took every ounce of strength for Tara to refrain from telling Lilly what a horrible person Tom turned out to be. Rather, she complained of a headache and asked Lilly to sit softly in the back seat and take a script. Margie reached across the gear shift and squeezed Tara’s hand.

While Jenn and Margie ordered dinner from the hotel café, Tara gave Lilly a bath and got her into pajamas. She...

... middle of paper ... a new relationship while her own marriage came to an end caused jealousy to stir in her gut or if she feared Jenn’s fickle attitude toward romantic relationships would hurt Brad. She hated the thought of Brad facing future heartache; especially at the hand of her own sister. “Brad’s been hurt before. Don’t get involved with him unless you’re looking for a serious relationship.”

“Okay, Mom.” she laughed.

Tara pursed her lips together and rolled her eyes. “I’m sensitive now that I’m going through…you know.”

Lilly ran into the room. “I’m ready to watch television,” she declared, jumping into bed. “Are you sleeping with us tonight Aunt Jenn?”

“Nope.” She picked Lilly up and turned her so her head set down on the pillow. “I am going to sleep in my own bed. Goodnight, sweetie.” She leaned down and kissed the child and then hugged Tara. “Sweet dreams.”
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