Summary of Clutch Loss

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Losing a clutch has effects on the operational sex ratio (OSR) of Dendrobates pumilio. OSR is the proportion of males to females that are fit to mate. There is usually a higher percentage of males in the mating pool because females take more time with parental duties. There are factors that influence the OSR such as available food and places to nest, temperature of the environment, and if the number of deaths for one sex is greater than the other. The loss of a clutch should also affect the OSR. If a clutch is lost, the parent should reenter the mating pool faster, changing the ratio. Heik Prohl studied how the OSR is affected when D. pumilio loses a clutch. The time males spend parenting only amounts to moistening the eggs. Females take their time choosing mates, and they spend more time tending to their young. The females carry their tadpoles to water and feed them eggs that have not been fertilized. The females do not mate during this time, keeping them out of the mating pool for a long time. D. pumilio was studied at the Hitoy Cerere Biological Station in Costa Rica f...
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