Summary, Themes, and Reflection of Charlotte's Web by E.B. White

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The book I read was Charlotte's Web. The author of the book is E. B. White; an author of many best-selling books. It is a fictional book with 192 pages. It is a fun and interesting book.
The book begins with a young child named Fern Arable sitting at her breakfast table. She lives on a farm with lots of animals. She sees her father go out to the barn a little earlier than usual with an ax. Fern then finds out that baby pigs were born but is confused to why her father has an ax with him. Ferns mom tells her that one of the pigs is a “runt”, and needs to be put down. Knowing that news makes Fern run out of the house gasping for air when she pulls the ax out of her father’s hands. Fern asks why he has to kill the baby pig. Her father than tells her that he is a runt and is smaller than all the other pigs. Fern then asks says “If I were too small, would you kill me?” Her father tells her that a pig and a human being are two different things. Fern says that she doesn’t see any difference. Ferns father gives in and says that she will take of the pig. Fern named the pig Wilbur.
With Wilbur now saved from being slaughtered, Fern raised the pig as her own. She fed the pig, cleaned the pig, and took after every need the pig needed. As time flew by, Wilbur was getting bigger and eventually too big to be living with Fern. John Arable, Ferns father says that the pig can live with her uncle; Homer Zuckerman. Fern’s uncle lived down the street from her, so she would be able to visit Wilbur any time she wants to. Because Fern goes to school, she doesn’t have much time to visit Wilbur. This ends up resulting in Wilbur being depressed. He stops eating and ends being forced to take medication. There were lots of animals at the farm such as a mothe...

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...harlottes life.
In my opinion, the book was very interesting. I like how it shows how far a friend would go to save another friend. It shows how close a relationship can be with just two people. I liked how when Charlotte said she would be Wilbur’s friend, she also meant that as a friend, I would do anything in your favor. I also enjoy the fact that it’s a page turner, meaning you want to know what happens next. You also learned about words that are used with animals that you don’t usually use. It was a very emotional story that I think almost everyone would enjoy. You learn a lot o about the science when regarding animal life. Wilbur would ask a lot of questions about the web and she would define certain words that she said. I love the face that Charlotte was selfless and gave the last moments of her life to the pig. I would recommend this book to people all ages.
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